Legiunnaire Map v21.0

Legiunnaire Map adds plenty of new cities, small and narrow roads, smart left hand AI traffic and a lot of other things into your game.

I thought that this map would be a little interesting, until I tried to set it up. When I went to set up this map, it did install with out any problems. But when I went to pick my starting Garage, I couldn’t unless I stated in Plymouth.
I am not really sure what the point of the map is, or where it is based on geographically. I had to start in Plymouth, and when I went to drive to one of the city’s on this map, I had NO GPS tracking. So I was using the map all the way.
Shortly after I started my second trip, I got the message saying that the client was waiting for there load. So now how can that be, since I was only 2 hours into my trip.
There is something very wrong with this map. I drove through town’s with no building’s, I hit ground area’s that I never should have hit. I drove past road’s that I guess never should have been there.

You don’t need to create a new profile to play this map. Just enable it!

What’s new in this version?

  • Fix some holes in Ambarawa Road, Salatiga Road
  • Reduce traffic

Credits: legiunnaire, tsm team, evergreen, gancank, riodandy007, Jodyano Anderson, burnedbruno, diki her, erryan, gunarto pituruh, lontong gondrong, mashud, mulyadi moel, poetry soerya, yhanuk riyanto and wowo s
Compatibility: ETS2 1.16.x and 1.15.x
Review: Charless Sabueros, Lone Wolf.


legiunnaire-map1-3 legiunnaire-map1-2 legiunnaire-map1-1

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Legiunnaire Map for ETS 2:

Password: myspacenote.blogspot


  1. Another wonderful map mod!

    It does not work with TSM & Promods for this will overlap the cities in these map mods, causing crashes and corruption
    BUT it works with Rus Map!
    Other map mods can work with it too but as long it does not touch France like Eastern Express for example (not sure haven’t tested it yet)

    At making a new profile you may thought that the cities aren’t seen in the map mod, I bet you must start first at Plymouth and you would continue your journey to the map mod. Hehehe.
    No garages in this map mod but I’m using this a research profile.

    Keep it up team

  2. for me there is no way to get to the new map of Plymouth there is no exit, and there is a gap between the way for a new map and Plymouth, what can I do with this?

  3. Hello. Here’s a collection of runs that were completed on this map.

    I’ve only tested this map connected to the regular ETS2 1.14 map. When you look at the world map in your game, there’s isn’t enough space on the left side to properly combined this map with the TruckSim Map.

    Don’t know if this was a mistake or done on purpose but, there’s no garages to be purchased throughout the map.

    You can make pickups & drop-offs at the depots…getting to some does makes you have to stop and look for the entrance/exit (they are there and do exist)

    Somewhere in one of these deliveries, because of the map, it was every driver for him or her self. Don’t know if it was done on purpose. It was crazy but, well done if you’re looking for something way different. Nice to have another map connected on the other side of the ETS2 map.

    Ok, After all of that enjoy……..

    Southampton (UK) to Banyudono 1001km run

    Banyudono to Magelang 1430km run

    Banyudono to Jombor 920km run

    Kota Magelang to Plymouth(UK) 2539km run (2 Parts)
    (The long way around to finish finding undiscovered roads)


  4. Hello. This is a continuation from the previous runs that I’ve made from the Map Legiunnaire v2.7. Since the map has been updated to v2.9 I’ll be starting once again in Southampton (UK) & working my way to the new roads added in this version.

    I’ve only tested it connected to the plain ETS2 1.14 map.
    Garages HAVE BEEN ADDED to the new cities that have depots.
    If you were playing Map Legiunnaire v2.7, just deactivate it & activate Map Legiunnaire v2.9 to get the added roads/cities. Nice to see another map being created on the other side of the ETS2 map.

    Southampton (UK) to Wonosobo 1529km run

  5. Let me take a review of this map:

    Some cities were already have circles in it after starting the profile, so great job! More cities, great.

    This map is quite buggy. After I made my profile at a city called “Kola Magelang” I drove supposedly there from FedEx to DHL, very short trip (I’m using real company mod.) Unfortunately I hit an invisible wall at FedEx just before the gate, oh no I can’t move, because it blocked the WHOLE GATE! What I did (i didn’t cancelled my job) exit the profile, delete it, remake it again and start a city at Southampton, the place and the point where the mod begins and ends there (not Plymouth anymore.) That is one of the bugs I can mention so far.

    The rest were fine but there were grasses on the road, and yes as I say this map is really buggy. The thing I like from this is that you get to enjoy riding through villages, towns, very awesome, but I guess the author must really improve the map, esp. the bugs 😀


  6. Guys a very new update: Legiunnaire v18

    Description by the author:

    “Map Legiunnaire2 version 18

    – remove some bugs earlier version
    – file size is much smaller (20 MB)
    – Standalone Map, but you can change to Addon Map version by open Map Legiunnaire2 v18.scs with winrar or winzip, go to map folder and change indonesia and indonesia.mbd to europe and europe.mbd)
    – file size is much smaller (5 MB)
    – Standalone Map, but you can change from Standalone to Addon Map by open File Map Legiunnaire2 v18.scs with winrar or winzip, then go to “map” folder and change name folder indonesia and file indonesia.mbd to europe and europe.mbd)

    Report some bugs, latest update of map, open official page


    (sory for my English 🙂

    legiunnaire, http://myspacenote.blogspot.com/2014/07/ets-2-map.html, and more in file map”

    pls. update thanks

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m44qaikn8wla0gr/MAP+LEGIUNNAIRE2+v18+.zip

    Works now on v1.14, v1.15 and v1.16.x’s


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