Ro Map Add-on v4.2 + Review

Romanian Map (or old Ro Map Add-on) is an add-on Romanian map with these cities: Oradea, Arad, Nadlac, Deva, Timisoara, Drobeta, Craiova, Slatina, Pitesti, Bucuresti, Slobozia, Urziceni, Calarasi, Ramnicu Valcea.

This Romanian Map is a small but very nicely done map. When I first started this map, it ran nice for a few trips.
But then I started to get a game crash, and it was always in the same area.
So I started to turn off a couple of older mods, and that fixed my problem.
So I continued to drive this map, I find that this is a really nicely done map.
It is not all that big, but the drive in this map was really nice. The scenery was nice, as well as the texture.
I do not know a lot of Romania, so I really can’t say if this is to scale in any way.
Now if this could have been an addon to the original game, I think this would be awesome.

I really think that this map has potential. If there is to be an update on this map, that would be great, I would like to see more done. More city’s, companies, the lot.

I will there for recommend this map to any one that wants to try it.

What’s new in this version?

  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added compatibility with TSM, ProMods, Rus Map,…

Credits: Traian
Compatibility: ETS2 1.16.x, Trucksim Map, Rus Map,…
Review: Lone Wolf


romanian-map-ets2-1 romanian-map-ets2-2 romanian-map-ets2-5 romanian-map-ets2-4 romanian-map-ets2-3 romanian-map-ets2-6 romanian-map-ets2-7

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Create new profile ~> Enable mod ~> Choose romania.mbd.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Ro Map Add-On for ETS 2:


    • Yes as it says in the description:

      “Added fully compatibility with Promods, TSM, RusMapsion included’

      Should work with latest version 😀

  1. This map work ok with 1.15 beta, great job except 2 things: city’s are marked as for example Slobozia (Hun) which is not right Slobozia is in Romania should not be marked as is in Hungary and the thing that bothered me the most is the fact that when enter the country Romania flag displayed is not what should be. Romanian flag is not blue with white X on it, should be the right flag: Still i like this map and i hope the author will keep working on it and develop more cites. All the best.

    • hi could you please tell me how you got this Ro map 3.9 to work with TSM+Rusmap ?
      I have TSM 5.3.1+Rusmap 1.4.7 working perfectly but i can’t get any other map or this Ro map 3.9 to work well together in my ets2 1.15.1…
      Please help

      • Date: January 25, 2015

        Is a new version I was playing with old version and it work perfect I think you need to ask owner why this map doesn´t wotk with new TSM Map and RusMap.

        I still using old version TSM + RusMap and RO.

        I only enable mod and that all I do 😀

        When you add MOD or Map DONT enable few Mods at the same time! Because every Map or Mod use same def files and Mods will crash!!! Always enable one Mod go in game save it and enable other Mod etc.

  2. Review of this mod: VERY SIMPLE

    When I use this mod, I felt like I’m in a countryside. See the beautiful grasses, plants and trees around the straight highway. Very appealing to the eye, I really love it. (this is without the winter mod)
    When I reach the city, nothing…. just building around and just very simple, simple, simple. No bugs occured.

    Works with TSM + Rus Map + this mod
    Promods + Rus Map + this mod

    Very awesome 4/5 😀

  3. My review:

    This map mod is quite simple but interesting actually. Buildings are simple, vegetation is simple, scenery is simple, road is simple, land is mostly plain.

    I also observe that this map isn’t big after all. I can see that there is not much land and you can see the end of the map, where you drop and make a free-fall forever, no land but infinite sky. Some inaccessible roads do not have these “no entry signs” or “arrows.” Get through it, dead-end and a free-fall drop at the end of the map. Not much land (lol.)

    As Florin Horhat said, there are some parts of the city flag have a familiar, Scottish flag, not Romania. There are also cities that are marked on the map mod but no roads, or anything; probably the map will include and extend there.

    The rest are interesting but I don’t know if you aren’t patient or get board on this map, because everything is simple…

    Works on 1.14’s; 1.15’s

    Rating: 3.5/5

          • Sounds like you played the ETS2 game since from version 1.1.1 and it worked the whole way through with every update that ETS2 gave until it didn’t work anymore by the time you updated it to v1.15. Is that correct? One more thing, are you an ETS2 gamer since from the version v1.1.1? Or you got the new game with the very old outdated version of ETS2? If it’s true that you are an ETS2 gamer since from v1.1.1 then probably you have to go to SCS forum about it.

            Well if SCS software just wasted your money in buying ETS2 version that doesn’t work anymore with the current version of the activation code. Then you probably need a crack version (lol :P)

            No virus and it’s a torrent (no fake)


            just click the magnet link…
            and make sure you have bittorent or utorrent…

            (and please no offense about it…)
            (I also know about torrents.)

          • oow,very well i have tried the SCS forum but….al try out the cracked version.does it come as 1.15 or 1.1.1 version?do i have to start the game all over again??

          • that link is the version 1.15

            Oh yeah the new version of ETS2 has been released (v1.16) and I have updated the link for you:


            After finishing downloading, open the containing folder and run the setup. No need to add cd key, serial or whatsoever, just run the setup and after run the game and boom!

            Note the game is also portable.

            It includes 20 DLCs
            * French Paint Jobs Pack
            * German Paint Jobs Pack
            * Going East!
            * High Power Cargo Pack
            * Fantasy Paint Jobs Pack
            * Flip Paint Designs
            * Metallic Paint Jobs Pack
            * Force of Nature Paint Jobs Pack
            * Ice Cold Paint Jobs Pack
            * Halloween Paint Jobs Pack
            * UK Paint Jobs Pack
            * Irish Paint Jobs Pack
            * Scottish Paint Jobs Pack
            * Polish Paint Jobs Pack
            * Brazilian Paint Jobs Pack
            * USA Paint Jobs Pack
            * Canadian Paint Jobs Pack
            * Czech Paint Jobs Pack
            * Christmas Paint Jobs Pack
            * exclusive Raven Pack DLC

            (Scandinavia DLC coming soon…)

          • So you bought an older version, and you got the product key from your CD and it worked… now when you update your game to the version 1.15, there was another option of activation and you entered the product key and doesn’t work? Is that what you meant?

            If you would ask the key from me, it could give you an error because someone has used that key already, and of course IT’S ME! Try again to activate it with the code in your hand. Make sure every key you type or you copy and paste is exactly the same thing from the CD, or else it won’t work.

            (actually the game wouldn’t ask again for activation if you bought the game ,whether steam or retail, and update it to the latest version, to this case sounds weird…)

            Tell me if it works.

          • yeah,thats exactly what i mean…i keep on trying the product key i had installed the older version with but it dosnt activate

  4. Another update (quite fast…)

    Ro Map v1.0

    Version 1.0:
    – Transformed the map into a standalone one.
    – Minor modifications on Pitesti-Bucuresti highway
    – Contains the cities:
    Oradea, Arad, Nadlac, Deva, Timisoara, Drobeta, Craiova, Slatina, Pitesti, Bucuresti, Slobozia, Urziceni, Calarasi, Ramnicu Valcea

    Author: Traian

    Download Link:

  5. Is it compatible with TSM and RUS map ? I tried and it didn’t crash…but there were a lot os places that did not connect to other roads, and for some reason i could not move the map

    • is not compatible. If you lod befoure Tsm map, RomapAddon have no connection to the roads. If you do a lot of Z befoure, and rename, and load after TSM Map, the connection is “okay”, but the Problem is, you loose

      Left Side from Greek ( no connection on the Roads, 2 Towns not to reach on TSM )
      and you loose road Connection Rostok Hamburg.

      watch by yourself.
      So dont works with TSM 5.4

  6. Hi is there anyway of getting a faster download as greater than 12 hours is ridicules also it keeps coming up with interupted

  7. Hello Will,
    which pieces do I use to standard map + ProMods +Rusmap and do I need to start a new game because I’ve put in all the files apart from the TSM file and nothing works from it also any special order.

          • Hi Will,

            Crashes on start up with ETS 2 + addon + EUmap LT +1romap + 003 promods def + promods + Rusmap in this order

          • following crashes: ( Load order like i write here )
            1., –
            TSM, Russmap, RoMapAddon
            loading Crash

            2. – New Profiele, RoMapAddon solo

            3. – TSM, Russmap, RoMapAddon + TSM Fix

            if you load:
            4. – TSM, Russmap, Romappadon, NO TSM Fix, NO Extra (needet) TL / TV
            than works. Problem: no connection on :
            + Russia (Brest -> broken, some Citys broken to )

            Useless, all bugs here like befoure.
            Game Version: 1.16
            RoMapAddon – not working.

  8. Please let this mod compatible with the mario map, rusmap , russia open spaces baltic , EAA , would love to have this map in my game, to complement. thank you.


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