Download Scandinavia DLC

Today, on the official SCS Software’s blog, they noticed that the DLC Scandinavia is in the final stage now. They was testing it and optimizing properly. Because this is a big DLC so there are a lot of works to do. The SCS Steam is working hard now, please be patient! The new DLC will be out soon!

Here are some new screenshots of the DLC Scandinavia. I will update them soon!

dlc-scandinavia-1 dlc-scandinavia-2 dlc-scandinavia-3 dlc-scandinavia-4 dlc-scandinavia-5 dlc-scandinavia-6 dlc-scandinavia-7ets2_scandinavia_dlc_7 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_8 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_9 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_10 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_81 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_82 ets2_scandinavia_dlc_83


  1. I’m so excited for this DLC! Not only, by soon they would include a new weather and lightening and skyboxes, which looks very cool!

    I know soon, map mod developers will make it compatible to the Scandinavia DLC. If this is achieved days after the DLC is made.

    Especially when it becomes a very big ETS2 map for me!

    If that happens (again) this could be the biggest map I made to install and compatible

    Normal ETS2 Map + Going East DLC + Scandinavia DLC + Trucksim Map + Rus Map + Ro Map Addon 😀 😀 😀 SO big!

      • I’m interested if ProMods will go in a new direction and start building France, Spain, and Portugal like TSM has. I still think ProMods is much higher quality than TSM while TSM is absolute quantity and VAST. And only a month+ till American Truck Simulator! o/

        • same with me.

          I’m also interested if Trucksim Map will go in a new direction and start building Scandinavia like ProMods has. I think Trucksim Map has absolute quantity and vast and many things to explore than Promods is much higher quality esp. in cities, bridges, ports and some more. 😛 😉

          Yeah, I’m also excited for American Truck Simulator. Then, if the simulator supports lots of mods, then there would be another Trucksim Map ATS version and it will head South, like Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc. and there would be another ProMods ATS version and it will head North, like Canada and Alaska. Not only that there would be a new map DLC that I would predict it would be Alaska DLC (or Going North!) and another DLC probably Canada DLC or Hawaii DLC or Mexico DLC (lol, lol, lol.) 😀

          hehehehe that’s all!


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