Download Update v1.17 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

After couples of months waiting, today, SCS Software has published the new Official update v1.17.

SCS has been working on improving the performance of low-end hardwares while playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can also see that FPS is also more stable and improved in this new update.

The official 1.17 update will come with the Scandinavia DLC, the best DLC ever.


If you are using Steam version, your game will be updated automatically!

Here is the main changelog of this update:

  • Engine brake does not work if clutch or throttle are pressed. Added toggle input control
  • Fixed interpolation of brake pedal using button/key control
  • Added independent simulation of adblue gauges, adblue tank size truck dependent
  • Improved GPU memory consumption
  • Improved support for multi-monitor systems
  • Improved timing and logic of automatic and sequential transmissions
  • Added config variable for optional behavior of braking lights (g_brake_light_all)
  • Normal map support for railing and buildings segments
  • Suspension damping simulation improved
  • Improved rendering engine
  • Shift on sequential transmission does not cancel CC anymore
  • Traffic AI improvements
  • Added config variables for h-shifter transmission tweaks (g_hshifter_layout_shifting, g_hshifter_synchronized)
  • Sort jobs by sender and receiver name
  • Show ferry price in route info
  • Both ESC and ENTER now skip animation and close the delivery screen
  • Autosave before profile change
  • Face of player’s driver can be changed in edit profile
  • Independent radio volume bar
  • Added cancel button in URL confirmation
  • Tyre and rim made independent accessories
  • DAF XF Euro 6 new sfx
  • Driver faces style improved, many new added
  • Improved flares look
  • Added sound for seat and suspension noises
  • Steering wheel animation of all trucks updated to 900 degree range
  • Improved daylight cycle visuals
  • Added six-wheeled chassis for both Renaults
  • Added differential and all gear ratios
  • Average consumption made real instead of statistical
  • Added dashboard-displayed gear, more wheel channels
  • Added navigation distance and time channels
  • 64-bit values better match with documentation
  • Adblue channels are working now
  • Added current speed limit channel


    • nah, RAM is okay for the Battlefield and ETS2, follow instructions that I have given you, hope that would work.

  1. i can paly battlefield4 with high setting in 4gb RAM and the grapics was so cool,but ets2 not like that imust upgrade to 6gb RAM and the graphics not really good, WHY?????

  2. I start the game with steam update 1.17.02s ad after the profiles screen will just stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does anyone have same problem? i have waited for these update and last night when i started just not work….

      • For game to work i must disable all mods, probably mods not work with and last update ( i write wrong before about update). From what i read on steam forums will have to use a new profile start from 0, probably in short time will have mods compatible. Anyway first look at tell me is worth waiting, until then will start new profile and go on with it.

        • The main problem was tsm map 5.4, they say this on their site. And disabled mods i used iwr 5.5 and perfect real physics, maybe this will help others to fix their problem.

    • Florin Horhat (if you’re there) reinstall the game, and remove all mods.

      Or if you don’t wanna reinstall.

      Remove Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the documents folder. ETS2 will automatically create a new folder for the game.

      Hope that would help. 🙂

  3. Though it’s still in beta, there are bugs esp. that disappearing trailer bug one, it’s quite famous in the SCS forum.

      • it was the same thing with the pink truck, which thought was an anti-piracy measure, but even non-cracked ETS2 users had even the pink truck. Same with the disappearing trailers: it was also an anti-piracy measure, but even non-cracked ETS2 users had even the disappearing trailers. Now it is fixed.

        SCS failed 2 times in anti-piracy measure. So I do not know what’s the next step of the SCS to get the anti-piracy measure.

        Though the pink truck and the disappearing trailer may be also be part of the mod. So too many causes somehow.

  4. So, Steam downloaded the update and it installed just fine. But suddenly, I noticed that all my mods and save files are completely gone, they’re nowhere to be found in my PC.

    Did that happen to anyone else, or am I just a really unlucky SOB?


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