Scandinavian DLC: Teaser, Screenshots and Release Date

This is the most great news about the Scandinavian DLC guys! SCS Software team is currently stabilizing the new update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.17). It will be released in next few days.

In the new update, there are a lot of configs for the graphic system in game, the FPS will be increased obviously on both low-end and high-en computers. SCS team also confirmed that the Scandinavian DLC would be out on 7th May, 2015. The new teaser of the DLC was also came out:

Here are couples of more screenshots of the great Scandinavian DLC for you guys:


    • I can pretty much guarantee you will. ProMods may eventually be compatible with it but there’s no way it will be at the beginning. They just added Estonia and more cities in Finland, and the new DLC is changing a lot of things in the game (weather and skyboxes, for one) so I think it will break a lot of mods. But it’s only temporary, like always!


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