New Kamaz 5410 HD v2.0

This Kamaz 5410 is one of the best Kamaz mods which I have ever seen. This truck has detailed textures, sounds, plenty of tuning parts, its own interior and real smoke. I love this mod!

Credits: JAWA, Giants Software, Oovee® Game Studios, Stas556, Mishanka
Compatibility: ETS2 1.16.x and 1.15.x


kamaz-5410-new-5 kamaz-5410-new-1 kamaz-5410-new-6 kamaz-5410-new-2 kamaz-5410-new-3 kamaz-5410-new-11 kamaz-5410-new-4

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download New Kamaz 5410 for ETS 2:



      • These sound files are very old. I heard it litterally for thousands of miles since it was in the Merlinita Map truck package in something that was labeled a KrAz 66, but actually is a GAz 66; the weakest truck in the game. That’s why I wrote a detailed review about it and explored the whole map with it. Chosing the weakest truck was good for adjusting delivery windows.

  1. I really like the looking and the sounds of this truck, but realistic gearboxes (read: very, very short gears) make it a pain in highways. Any chance of an unrealistic but better spaced gearbox?

      • I don’t think i expressed my point correctly. I usually split gears even with standard gearboxes (usually i use even gears, 2nd, 4th, 6th and so on), because it also resembles an automatic gearbox behavior (i kept an eye on the gear number on the bus every time i did a trip 😉 ), but the final ratio of the gearbox is too short. What i mean is that i can reach an excessively low top speed (achieving 80 km/h is slow, and the truck gets extremely loud, not to mention the consumption; i also unrealistically travel at 100 km/h bus-like when possible, so this gets even worse). That’s my problem: low top speed due to rpm limit coming way too quick, because of short final gear ratio.

        • I see, that makes sence. So all you need is one or two longer top gears that allow for lower rpm at speeds between 80 and 100, right? And 100 KM/H is your desired travelling speed, correct?

          I just checked; the files are accessible (sometimes they are not) and I can change them either in situ or copy files from it, so yes, I could do that. Tell me the name of the gearbox you want me to change (I show 9 transmissions in here), and gimme a little time to do it.

          • Since the gearboxes are engine dependent (aka i can only have a certain gearbox with a certain engine), the one i’m interested in is the ZF 16S 2220 TD, equipped to the engine with the highest torque available. If gears from 14th to 16th could be longer that would be awesome, and i’m really grateful in advance for the help you’re offering me. Tell me what i have to do, or, if you prefer, tell me how to modify the values by myself. I don’t have 7-Zip and i’m not exactly an ace in these things, but i’m a fast learner, and i don’t want to bother you more than necessary. Thanks a lot!

          • It just so happens that I’m still here.

            So about 7-zip: This is a freeware program that does about the same as programs like WinZip (for .zip files) or winRar (for .rar files), except that it can handle both types plus .scs files. No pay, no adds, no nagging, no premium version.

            Install it as you see fit.

            Then try to open your Kamaz Mod “KamAZ 5410 HQ remake by JAWA & Stas556_2.0_part_1.scs.” You will be asked what programm to open the file with. Browse to your 7-Zip if it is not already listed and assign it to the file. Once done, it’s done. You can now open every .scs file just by clicking on it – well – almost any .scs file.

            If you do that, you see a bunch of folders. Click def (for definitions).

            There are two folders and a .sii file. Asign you editor (notepad or what you like) to open .sii files, just like you did with

            We want the folder Vehicle, then Truck, 5410hq, transmission.
            Yeah, there we are. These .sii files define the transmissions. You can edit the files right there using your editor, BUT I advise you to first copy (drag and drop) the file you choose to your desktop, so you have a backup just in case.

            Once you open one of these, things are rather self explanatory.
            See that you change only numbers, and Names in ” ”
            # means a comment to be ignored by ETS2

            Now you do no longer depend on others and can tailor it the way you want, or even make and publish some mods. That’s why I take the time to tell you. However, feel free to ask if you think you screwed up, but I think you won’t.

            Cheers, Rhyth

          • Wow. Your help was amazing. I use to do things like these in Farming Simulator 2013 mods :3 but there it’s simpler because it’s just a standard .zip file. I change acceleration or fuel consumption for example. The things you’ve taught me are extremely helpful. Not long ago i also asked a similar thing for the Peterbilt 379 gearbox also being too damn short XD now i can fix this by myself! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

          • My pleasure. I do these things since Flight Simulator 2002 and ETS1, because there was nobody lwho would change things for me. In forums, you usually have to wait for answers, if any come. I also detected Microsoft faults (. for, messing up an aircraft’s balance or a missing bracket causing handbrakes in Train Simulator not to work) that would reappear unchanged in every new version. So unless you know how to help yourself, you are pretty damned dependant on others. ANd if I could relieve you of that situation and you wish to repay me, just pass the knowledge on. A chinese proverb sais:

            Give somebody a fish and he has a meal for one day.
            Teach him how to fish, and he never goes hungry again. 🙂

          • Perfect! See what I wrote below as an answer to your prelast comment. Good night and have fun!

            The Rhythmosaur

          • I’ve just done a couple of adjustments. Though at first i thought i failed, it actually worked: the truck now reaches 80 km/h within the RPM green zone (it was the YELLOW one before) and can go up to 100 km/h in the red zone. A further adjustment along with some work on the lower gears (as of now, i can easily start moving in 10th gear since they’re very short XD) will get the job done. Once again, thank you for your precious advice.

  2. it sounds like shit to me.. the gear grinding in every shift is annoying… why does it sound different in the video?

      • It was tested with no other Mods.. I read further down in this Discussion that the sounds in the video are old sounds. So apparently someone changed and screwed up the sounds. Everything sounds great except everytime the truck shifts gears it makes this annoying sound like the muffler is falling off.. very annoying. Also I noticed the Key on the Dashboard Turns everytime the truck shifts gears.. maybe that is the issue.. the truck is trying to start up each time it shifts gears and it’s making the starting noise? I have no clue.


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