Peterbilt 351 v3.0 + Review

This is an updated review on the Peterbilt 351.
Basically this truck is still the same, there is still one cab, several engines, 4 transmissions and 2 chassis. You still only get the standard and metallic paint.
There is still very few external option’s for this truck. you can put beacons or horn’s on the roof. I choose horns and they do not work.
You will find several interior styles, one will even put the steeper on the back of the cab. You will get the wheel and tire style for the time the truck was on the road, plus you can use the extra wheel options that are in the game.
I did notice that the engine sound was changed. There is now a whistle in between shifting, this was not there when I first tested this truck. Why this whistle was put in, is beyond me. You will not hear this sound in North American trucks. There really is not a lot of lighting options for this truck, so if you like a lot of lights? you are out of luck.

Perfect truck overall!

Credits: JAWA, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Мишанька, Kriechbaum, JujuQcTrucker, Knox_xss
Compatibility: ETS2 1.21.x and 1.20.x


peterbilt-351-7 peterbilt-351-8 peterbilt-351-9 peterbilt-351-6

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Peterbilt 351 for ETS 2:


  1. Tried this mod this morning.

    I had to remove it as once installed it removed all Jobs from Job Marketplace.

    Someone said on another download site it might be the trailer part of this mod that caused that.
    As of this post I can not confirm but may try this mod again later tonight.

    It is okay mod, other than it messing up all jobs in the game, but the sound is rather disappointing, engine sounds that is.
    If I was to use this for much I’d have to try and fix for my use but it seems the mod is locked.

          • I finally got around to re-trying this mod.
            I found that as long as I did not enable the trailer part of the mod the Job Market was okay. Seemed to get along okay with the other truck mods I have installed.

            However I must say this mod while nice in many ways is a let down in the sound department (interior engine sounds). A old school truck like this needs to sound louder. I’d suggest the author listen to V8 engine sound pack for inspiration.
            It also has issues with impacting overall game frame rate. Looks like it imposes a solid 10FPS or so hit if not more when running. I don’t have a bad PC, I7-2600k 4.3Ghz O/c with GTX970 and use 400 scaling. I can see this mod imposes a big hit compared to default trucks or a mod like Scania T. Probably some poor optimizing and bad choices in cabin reflections of certain items.

            Perhaps in a few revisions which I hope the author does improve. As it is , I don’t see a reason to use this over the older Peterbilt 389 which has far more accessories or the Scania T.
            I just wanted to let people know if using this and Job market goes away, try without the trailer part of the mod.

            Oh, I did want to fix this mod myself (the sounds) but it is oddly packaged in two parts. I can’t figure out how to edit 2nd part just yet.

          • Hello, the truck comes with three sounds, to have a nice V8 sound, just buy a Detroit Diesel.
            Also, i made a Cummins 275 sound mod available here too. That makes a total of 4 sounds for the truck.
            Thanks for testing and giving your feedback. Regards.

  2. Thanks for this truck…its my favorite truck for now… but the 2nd scs file is locked so i cant do the modifications i like on the skin of the truck… bummer…. Can anyone know if it is possible that we can make skins for this Pete?

  3. Really disappointed, expected Old School Truck and got a Peterbilt Low Rider Heavily customized, also unable to leave mods had to quit through Task manager (it was a stunning looking truck but not what I wanted or expected

      • Thanks Will
        I would have possibly kept it, but alarm bells started ringing when I was unable to see or accept modifications, then when I tried to leave it just kept looping.
        This mod by the way was in Volvo Trucks and not DAF as everyone has suggested perhaps if you have time you might like to check it out.

  4. Update on Peterbilt 351 version 3.0, I don’t know if the Author fixed it, however I reloaded it and moved it further down my mods, I am happy to report that it is now working OK.
    It is certainly different looking, but it handles superbly and the depiction of the high and low gear changes is excellent. I hate to be critical of some ones hard work (especially when I couldn’t do any better myself) but when touching the Brakes to check speed it sounds like a cat sneezing otherwise Top Job I pulled a 100 ton load from Reims to Bratislava no probs. I still wish it was Old School Tho


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